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Hebrew Name of God - Yahweh - The Great I Am

Hebrew Name of God - Yahweh - The Great I Am

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The Hebrew Name of Yahweh, The Great I Am. We describe ourselves by what we do or how we’re connected to others, like, “I am a businesswoman” or “I am a mother.” God does not need qualifiers that describe Him in relation to something else. Everything finds its definition in relation to God. When He referred to himself as “I AM,” He reminded Moses He had all authority and had always existed. God is all-powerful, unchanging, and constant.

What a great way to have this reminder in your home, with this stunning work of art. It is simple, will go anywhere and will give you hope. I know I can sure use that these days.

They are then framed by hand and stained using a rich, custom brown stain which anchors the art and enhances the beauty.

Included is a sign stand perfect to put anywhere in your home.

We are a family owned and operated studio, located in Dahlonega, Georgia. All pieces are individually painted, stained and framed.

Comes with great packaging so you can keep it for yourself or give it as a gift.



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