About us

Before Pine Designs, Dave & Vicki Gross were involved in Full Time Ministry in various states across the US.  In 2010 we found ourselves unemployed and wondering what God would have next for us. Over the years we have made furniture and sold many pieces. Our house is full of our furniture.  So one day, after sending out endless applications and not finding any job, we thought, why don't we at least make furniture, sell it and get a little bit of an income as we are looking for work.   We started by clearing out our garage and setting up the dusty tools to make a workshop.  We started going to shows and people were actually paying us money to build furniture for them.  We added our first employee after a year in business.  After two years we found ourselves with five employees and knew we needed to move the shop out of the garage.

In 2012, God opened doors for us and placed us in a perfect building for our production.  God has blessed our little Pine Designs and we just pray that we can continue to allow Him to lead the business and we just go along for the ride.

God laid on our hearts to continue to support missions and His work. We worked for Adventures In Missions and traveled to Africa many times. While there we fell in love with the Swaziland children and Go Go's, the grandmother women who take care of the orphans. So we have decided to give back a portion of our RETAIL SALES to those working in Swaziland looking after the orphans.

Swaziland has the highest rate of the infection of HIV in the world. Life expectancy: 31. The country consists mostly of grandmothers (nickname Go Go's) and thousands of orphans. The land is green and mountainous. The people are starving, unemployed and sick........yet despite this scenario that most would label "hopeless," they have overwhelming amounts of JOY. The Go Go's life stories are filled with tears and strength. The orphans dance and consistently giggle. The Go Go's cook, work in the fields, and try to provide a means for the kid’s school fees. In most cases, the whole household is in survival mode.

So when you purchase with us, you are helping the helpless and giving back.

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