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24x6 "Any City" Block Lettering Coordinate Sign



Cities designs are very popular and new one takes time to design

Important Information
*This city sign will have the city and state on it. The sign in the picture will reflect what your's will look like. We follow the template.

*Once designed, a proof will be sent to you, that you need to approve. It is not for you to change the design, it is for you to check that we got the correct city and spelling.

*You will send you a proof. We will wait for your approval

*If you receive a design that you approved and you find a mistake on it, it is your responsibility to inform us and we will send you out another sign at your expense

*We provide nailless sawteeth to attach to the back of the sign for hanging. We do not attach them prior to shipping to avoid damage to other signs. You can attach them with a hammer or tape to the back for the customer to attach.

*Another important note is that the pieces are nailed onto the sign, not glued on.

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